Thanks to everyone who participated in Screenings and Discussion groups!  Further opportunities to be involved in the project are coming soon throughout fall and winter of 2013.  Stay tuned here or email alyxd[at] for details.

Courage in the Face of Hate: Violence Against Trans Women

Courage in the Face of Hate: Violence Against Trans Women is a documentary and research project being run by Egale Canada Human Rights Trust (ECHRT). The project aims to create a documentary about trans women’s experiences with sexual violence and transphobia in Ontario as well as generate research to be used to advocate for policy changes that would benefit trans women.  The project will use screenings and discussions of Courage in the Face of Hate, ECHRT’s 2012 documentary about homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia, to introduce the project to potential participants in Toronto, London, Thunder Bay, Oshawa, Ottawa and Hamilton.

Following the screening of Courage in the Face of Hate, we will be returning to each of these cities to host a discussion group with interested trans women. These groups will be facilitated by two trans women. The discussions will focus on the experiences of trans women in Ontario with sexual violence and transphobia, what they would like to be done about it, what they would like to see in a documentary about the subject, and what they would like to see from research on the subject. Participants will then be invited to volunteer to participate in filmed interviews as part of the documentary and/or volunteer to participate in research interviews on the subject of sexual violence and transphobia with renowned hate crimes researcher, Dr. Barbara Perry.  Honorariums will be provided for the discussion groups and the interviews. Both the research and documentary interviews will be held a few weeks after the discussion groups.

Because sexual violence can be broadly defined and touches many aspects of our lives; directly, the fear/the threat of violence, etc. We invite all trans women, MAAB gender queer, and MAAB two spirit individuals to participate weather or not they consider themselves survivors of sexual violence.

Counseling support will be available for the discussion groups and the interviews.

For more information please contact
alyxd[at] or call 1 888 204 7777 xt. 7007